Product Empties! Would I Repurchase?


I have a new collection of product empties to share with you. We have a bit of skincare and beauty, the best of both worlds. The post is on the new blog. Please go give it a read, feel free to subscribe while you’re there.

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$30 Clairisonic Mia Dupe!


I’ve got a new beauty dupe for you. This one is a budget friendly version of the very famous Clairisonic Mia face cleansing brush.

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Sephora Favourites: Give Me Some Lip Review!


Today i’m reviewing the new Sephora Favourites kit that’s all about nude lips. If you would like to see pictures, swatches, and information about the products themselves then please go read the new post.

The post is here!

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Bioderma Dupe? Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water!

Hello everyone!

We are on the hunt for a Bioderma Micellar Water and we have tried out our first contender. Click the link below to read our full review on

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Essie Nail Polish Faves!

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We have a new post all about our favourite Essie Nail Polishes on the blog! There’s a mini review, swatches, and a massive collection of my favourite colours!

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Brand Focus: First Aid Beauty

There is a new Brand Focus up on . It talks about a whole bunch of products from the blue range all with mini reviews!

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What You ACTUALLY Need To Pack For University!

Check out my list of must have items on the new blog! I have made a collection of about ten to twelve ideas that most people don’t think of, but they absolutely need.

If there’s anything i’ve missed please comment for other people to see!

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