Luxury Lipstick Dupes: The Berry/Red Edition

Hello angels!

If there is one aspect of makeup that really tickles my fancy- it’s lipstick. More specifically, a dark lip. I know it can be kind of scary to join the world of really bold lipstick but I promise that once you do you will never go back.

I have quite a few lipsticks that I like for many different reasons. Most of my choices tend to be in the matte category because I really don’t like the look of glossy lips… but that’s totally up to preference. In the sections below I am going to provide you with two drugstore dupes for high end lipsticks that I wear all through the year… cause who needs colour rules?


Dupe #1: Charlotte Tillbury in “Glastonberry” for Rimmel “Bordeaux.”

My holy grail dark lip is the Charlotte Tillbury Lipstick in “Glastonberry” that I received this year for Christmas. It is a beautiful deep red/almost purple matte shade. It is super pigmented, easy to apply, long wearing, and it comes in amazing packaging. Now keep in mind that this product is beautiful, but it comes with a hefty price tag.

A good dupe that I have found for this lipstick joined my collection just over a year and a half ago. My drugstore option is the: Rimmel London Lipstick in Bordeaux. This lipstick is very similar to Glastonberry because it is the same shade of deep red/almost purple. It lasts well on the lips, has a slightly matte finish and is just overall a really beautiful colour.


Dupe #2: NARS “Afghan Red” for Rimmel “Kate Moss 107.”

My second high end lipstick is the NARS Lipstick in Afghan Red. This lipstick is more of a true red and is slightly more sheer than Glastonberry. It feels very nice on the lips and is a very pretty and flattering red colour. I really enjoy wearing this one in the spring and summer because it is not quite as dark as the other lipsticks in my collection.

The dupe for this lipstick (or just a great one on it’s own) is the Rimmel Kate Moss in the shade 107. This lipstick is my holy grail do or die red. It is hands down the perfect red colour. It stays well on the lips, isn’t drying, and it is very pigmented. I have purchased many tubes of this stuff so I can keep it all around my house, in all my bags etc.


I hope this helped out some of you who are looking for a great dark lip from the drugstore! If you have any other suggestions please leave them in the comments.. i’m always looking to feed my lipstick addiction.

Much loves,

meghan. x

FYI: I bought all these products myself and all opinions are my own! xo

Products Mentioned:

NARS Afghan Red:

Charlotte Tillbury Glastonberry:

Kate Moss 107:

Rimmel Bordeaux:

Luxury Lipstick Dupes: The Berry/Red Edition

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