July Home Decor Haul!

Hello friends,

Since I’m moving into mine and my boyfriend’s new apartment in September I’ve been doing quite a bit of shopping. I’ve bought a lot of boring stuff I won’t show you (unless you want to know the basics of a starter apartment? Let me know!) and i’ve bought a few decoration pieces that I really want to share with you guys.

I hope you guys like them just as much as I do and that they give you some inspo to go out and decorate your spaces.

#1. Baskets/ Trays 

I found these baskets at the dollar store and a garage sale for around one dollar a piece. They were originally not so nice colours so I decided to DIY them and paint them gold. Now I think they look quite modern and cool. And the whole thing cost me under five dollars, can’t go wrong.




(This is the paint I used if you are interested!)

#2. Throw Pillows

In general throw pillows or cushions are so ridiculously expensive. I refuse to spend thirty dollars on a cushion so I did some bargain hunting. The one with the stripe pattern shown below was found at Canadian Tire for ten dollars. I really like the pattern and it goes super well with my colour scheme. The round pillow with the pom-poms was found at one of my local thrift stores for three dollars! It was a total gem of a find.



#3. Gold Mirror

This was actually a hand me down from Emma. She bought this mirror in it’s original black colour from Ikea for around twenty dollars and when it got home she decided to paint it gold. Now it’s going to look even more beautiful in my living room.


#4. The Pineapple

I have been on a hunt for the perfect (and reasonably priced) pineapple decoration. I found this one today at HomeSense for 17 dollars. It is white ceramic and I think its beautiful. If you have a HomeSense store in your town go and take a peek for them! If you don’t have one I will leave links to other places to buy them in the products section.



#5. Marble Vase

This was another HomeSense purchase. I love marble. I love everything marble. This is a vase, I thought it was perfect, it was 13 dollars. That is all, I can no longer justify my addiction but I’m probably never going to stop.


I hope you enjoyed taking a peek into my home decor style. Stay tuned for my apartment tour in a few months to see these purchases in use and styled in my home.

I have left some suggestions for similar items in the products section below. Thank you for reading, please subscribe, and tell me in the comments which items were your favourites!

All my love,


FYI: I bought these products myself and all opinions are my own. xo 

Products Mentioned (And Similar Options): 

Black & White Throw Pillow (Similar): http://www.walmart.ca/en/ip/hometrends-chic-geo-cushion/6000195409278

White Pineapple (Similar): https://www.wayfair.ca/IMAX-Bala-Lidded-Pineapple-Decorative-Jar-53116-L7130-K~IMX14430.html?refid=GX82589477087-IMX14430&device=c&ptid=186506926343

Marble Vase (Similar): https://www.amazon.com/Fox-Run-Marble-Utensil-Holder/dp/B004FS3YA6/ref=sr_1_1?s=home-garden&ie=UTF8&qid=1467585841&sr=1-1&keywords=marble+vase

Ikea Mirror (Exact): http://www.ikea.com/ca/en/catalog/products/40213759/

Spray Paint (Exact) :http://www.walmart.ca/en/ip/krylon-indooroutdoor-paint-bright-gold/6000092376258

Fruit Basket (Similar Style): http://www.simons.ca/simons/product/5690-71611190/Useful+&+Chic+Extras/Peach+geometric+wire+fruit+basket?/en/&gclid=Cj0KEQjw7-K7BRCkkIH3t_WwoskBEiQAD8oY3ooZuTsN1oo9e5ZNRWGKcP-kvwqdqw9KJOYCP2IVjcIaAsIE8P8HAQ&gclsrc=aw.ds

July Home Decor Haul!

DIY Marble Home Decor: Photo Frame!

Hi everyone!

I’m coming to you today with a brand spankin’ new DIY… and the best part is, its a home decor DIY. These are my favourite types of DIYS to do so I hope you enjoy making this one as much as Emma and I did.

Today we are going to be talking about how to make a Marble Photo Frame. I feel like marble is all the rage right now, and i’m not mad at it. I love the way it looks in my bedroom and if you like marble as much as I do then get excited.


What You Will Need: 

  1. A regular photo frame (choose your size) *I would try to find one with flat sides and not too many ridges/details on the actual frame*
  2. Scissors
  3. Marble Pattern Contact Paper/ Shelf Liners
  4. Hot Glue Gun (optional)
  5. Picture(s) to put inside!

What You Need To Do: 

  1. Remove the backing and glass/plastic front from your frame and place them to the side.
  2. Measure out the sides (all four) of your frame and trace that onto the paper (sticker) side of the contact paper.
  3. Cut out the measured strips of contact paper (do this one strip at a time!)
  4. Remove the sticker backing off the paper and start to slowly place your strip onto the frame. If you place the pieces on in slow increments you tend to get less air bubbles.
  5. Repeat step 4 for the other three sides of your frame.
  6. Smooth out the paper on all sides and adjust the contact paper as necessary to cover the whole frame.
  7. Hot glue any loose edges/ add extra paper on corners to fix for neatness.
  8. Place your picture inside the frame and add the glass and back piece.
  9. Display and enjoy!

I absolutely adore the way this frame turned out and I will be for sure making more of them.

If you try this DIY on your own please send us your pictures by tagging us on instagram: @thewannabesblog or using the hashtag #thewannabesblog on Insta or Twitter! We would love to see them and throw you guys a couple likes! 

I hope you have a wonderful Tuesday.

All my love,

Meghan. xo

Products Mentioned:

Marble Contact Paper: https://www.amazon.ca/DC-Fix-346-0306-Adhesive-Marble/dp/B00504QXM0?ie=UTF8&keywords=marble%20pattern%20adhesive%20film&qid=1447620643&ref_=sr_1_fkmr1_1&s=hi&sr=1-1-fkmr1

*Most Dollar Stores sell adhesive marble shelf liners, so keep your eyes out for those cheaper options!*

DIY Marble Home Decor: Photo Frame!

Thrift Store Home Decor Haul!

Hello again my lovelies!

So today i’m starting a new series called #meghanwentshopping because it’s my favourite thing to do… even though i’m broke as frick right now. But you know, priorities right?

The first haul that I have for you is from one of my favourite stores… my local thrift store. Thrifting for me is like an addiction that I cannot get enough of. You can find so many hidden gems in there for almost next to nothing. Also because they have stuff provided from people’s donations you get so many unique items and pieces that stores simply do not carry anymore.

The items that I bought are for my future apartment with my boyfriend next fall. The theme that i’m going for is super modern with a colour scheme of black, gold, and marble.

*Side Note: If you are interested to see how I shop for, decorate, and physically move into the apartment then make sure to subscribe because I will be posting about it! Also if you want an apartment tour when it’s finished then please let me know in the comments!*

Now if you’re super nosy like me and want to know some of what I bought for the house then keep on reading!

#1 The Wire Basket

This basket has been on my mind for months and months. I see so many people who have them and they can be up to $50 online?! The one that I ended up purchasing was only $3. I plan on using this for extra blankets and pillows to sit beside the couch in the living room. I love the geometric look of it and that fact that it fits a ton of stuff!

#2 The Marble Paper Towel Holder 


This doesn’t need too much explanation… but its super cute right? This is for the kitchen to hold paper towels. It is real marble and I found the same ones online for over $30. The one that I bought was only $8. Total bargain.

#3 The Marble Tray


This is another real marble piece that I found. It’s original purpose was to use in the kitchen to place hot things on top of… but I have other ideas for it. I plan on placing it on an end table in the living room with a vase of flowers on top to tie in the marble to the living room area. This beautiful tray cost me $7.

#4 The Juice Jug


I spotted this gem in the glassware section and instantly put it into my cart. It is going to be used for juice, that might make me high maintenance but I do not care cause it’s SO CUTE. It is made of 100% recycled glass and only cost me $3.

#5 The Clock 

This little clock captured my heart pretty quickly… especially because it is white and gold. I plan on placing this on one of the decorative book cases. I think it’s super cute and ties in the modern theme while being vintage all at the same time. This only cost me $6 and it works as a great statement piece.

So that is all I have for you right now my friends. But I seriously recommend going to your local thrift stores and taking a peek because you never know what you will find! I will be sure to update you on whatever else I find along the way.

Big loves,

meghan. x

Thrift Store Home Decor Haul!