Designer Dupe Mulberry Mini Lily Bag: $60 vs $550!

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I have a brand new fashion post up on the blog. This is all about an exact dupe for the a Mulberry bag worth over $500!

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$30 Clairisonic Mia Dupe!


I’ve got a new beauty dupe for you. This one is a budget friendly version of the very famous Clairisonic Mia face cleansing brush.

If you would like to read the post it is located here !

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Bioderma Dupe? Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water!

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We are on the hunt for a Bioderma Micellar Water and we have tried out our first contender. Click the link below to read our full review on

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Post is here!

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Drugstore Beauty Haul!

Hello friends!

I’ve got another drugstore haul for you today because who doesn’t love hauls? And who doesn’t love products that are affordable? Nobody.

Without further ado, lets get into this.

#1. Garnier Skin Active Micellar Water (All In One Cleansing Water)


Emma bought this in a hunt to try and find a dupe for her beloved Bioderma. She’s still trying it out and then she will give her opinion about it’s possible dupe status. If it is a dupe, then it’s a great price difference. I think this one was only around nine dollars. It also claims to be able to take off waterproof makeup- so that’s very exciting. If you guys have tried it and have thoughts then let us know in the comments! 

#2. NYX Colour Mascara (Mint Julep)


Even though coloured mascara scares the life out of me, Emma loves it. She picked this up and I have to admit it actually looks really nice on her lashes. We both have very dark brown eyes and this seems to work well with making our eyes pop. If you’re trying to dabble into the coloured lashes game then I think we would highly suggest you try the NYX range before you make the big splurge on a high end product.

#3. L’Oreal Infallible Liner “The Super Slim”


This is pretty self explanatory. We needed a new eyeliner, this one is Emma’s fav at the moment. She usually has pretty on fleek eyes, so i’ll take her word for it. And for around eight bucks, you can’t really go wrong. PS really like the L’Oreal Infallible line in general from the drugstore!

#4. Jergens Natural Glow (Gradual Tan Lotion)



I picked this up for myself and I have to admit i’m still a little scared to try it. Seeing as I spend 99% of my time indoors, even in the summer (thanks to my three jobs) I’m pretty pale. I really want to try this, but I am slightly afraid of having some funky tan lines. If you have tried this please let me know your tips/ thoughts so I can take the plunge and finally use this.

#5. NYX Liquid Suede in “Sandstorm”



This was something on Emma’s want list for quite some time. It’s essentially NYX’s version of a liquid lip. It’s in a nice neutral brown colour that people are seeming to go crazy over. I personally didn’t dig this the first time I used it, but she really loves it. I think I might have to give it another try….

#6. Batiste Dry Shampoo for Dark Hair 


We needed a new dry shampoo and we spotted this, and instantly put it into our basket. We have such dark hair and it can get very frustrating when the typical formulas leave a white-cast in our hair. We have both tried this and we have a post about it coming soon, so stay tuned for more of our opinions there!

I hope you enjoyed taking a look through our most recent purchases. Let me know what you have tried or want to try in the comments! And as always, any post requests are welcome in the comments. 

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FYI: We bought all these products ourselves, and all opinions are our own. xo 

Products Mentioned: 

Garnier Micellar Water:

NYX Color Mascara “Mint Julep”:

L’Oreal Infallible Super Slim Liner:

Jergens Natural Glow:

NYX Liquid Suede “Sandstorm”:

Batiste Hint Of Colour Dry Shampoo:

Drugstore Beauty Haul!

June Favourites 2016

Hi my loves!

I apologize for going MIA for the last two weeks but I currently am working three jobs so i’m a bit of a busy bee. Regardless of that fact I have been loving some new beauty products that I wanted to share with you.

Without further ado, it’s time for some favourites.

#1. Benefit “Roller Lash” Mascara


This came in a trial size in one of our Sephora kits and I pretty much fell in love… enough to take the plunge and buy the full size. I love this because it separates my lashes and makes them look super long without being clumpy. It has a similar finish to the Maybelline Lash Sensational (my drugstore fave) but I find the Benefit one makes my lashes a little more noticeable and dramatic while still being really long and fluttery. And let me tell you, i’m not mad about it.

#2. Real Techniques Detailer Brush


I think I got this brush in one of my Real Techniques set quite a few years ago and I recently decided to give it a try. I have been having some real skin issues right now and I’m trying to find the best way to cover up tricky spots. This has been working pretty well for me. I dip it in the lid of my foundation and I just work around the spot and blend. It seems to work very well for small areas and making very precise strokes. If you can get your hands on this brush on its own or in a set I would highly recommend it.

#3. Living Proof Satin Hair Serum


Holy moly, am I excited about this one you guys. I have the frizziest, curliest, driest, most bleached and damaged ends on this planet. I have ombre hair and have done for a few years now so I have basically given up on having nice and soft ends. I got this in a try me package from the brand and I just fell in love (So did Emma). My ends feel 10 times softer, they look WAY healthier and the split ends are virtually gone. My hair used to split into chunks and now it just stays together nicely without being frizzy. Another bonus for this product is that it doesn’t leave an oily residue when I apply it to my wet hair and let it dry. I cannot tell you how much I love this product. It has been a life saver and if you have hair like mine then you NEED THIS in your life. Although,I am dreading the day that my sample runs out because then I have to go out and buy the big one.

#4. Mac “Faux” Satin Finish Lipstick

I think I’ve spoken about this lipstick a couple times now but it’s just such a good one. It is matte without being super drying, it’s a beautiful nude colour and it works so well for an everyday lipstick. I pretty much use it daily, and it is always in my handbag. I would highly recommend this shade if you’re looking for a good everyday colour!

#5. L’Oreal Brow Stylist Definer 


I recently ran out of my Anastasia Brow Wiz and Emma told me I should try the dupe we found (post here) again, so I did. To be honest I really enjoy this drugstore option. The colour (dark brunette) is a really good match for me and it glides onto the skin nicely. It’s waxy enough but it still lasts all day on my face. This gets a solid thumbs up from me.

I hope you enjoyed seeing what I’ve been enjoying lately. We are planning to continue with the favourites, however we will be alternating months, so next month you can see what Emma has been loving!

Please let me know what kind of posts you guys would like to see in the future by leaving a comment, or tell me what you’ve been loving this month!

All my love,

Meghan. x

FYI: I bought these products myself and all opinions are my own. xo 

Products Mentioned: 

Benefit Roller Lash Mascara:

Living Proof Satin Hair Serum:

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L’Oreal Brow Stylist Definer:

Real Techniques Detailer Brush (In Set):

June Favourites 2016

Fab Or Flop: Luxury Powder Dupe


It’s Emma here again to share with you another experience and my thoughts on a new product in my life. Let me give you a little hint into the future….I love it, and you will too.

MOVING ON. So I recently started baking my under eyes (you know the thing you do with your face but not like a cake because you don’t want to cake your face). You will probably come to learn that my dark circles are one of those top things on the list I like to cover up with makeup, and baking (i.e. using a sponge to apply a sh*t ton of powder and letting it sit before dusting it off) with a translucent powder lightens up the area as well as setting it all in place. If you do this you must rub your finger under your eye because it will never be as soft as it is in that moment.

On with the product, right? Yeah, I know I know. I did my digging and discovered that I absolutely did not want to spend $47 on the Laura Mercier powder. Even the Sephora brand powder was still $20. My dilemma was that I do not have access to the Coty Airspun powder which is what most people recommend. Instead I had to dig even deeper into the internet and wild parts of youtube to find something us Canadians can get our hands on. And I found it. Let me introduce you to the $4.47 NYC Smooth Skin Loose Powder.

This is the answer to my prayers. My logic was that if I am using a significant amount of powder every day I simply cannot break the bank on this kind of product. But under $5 sure. Then I used it. And BAM. I’m in love. I apply more concealer than I need oxygen to try to cover my bad boy circles up and this is the only powder to this day (honestly no lie) that I can last all day without it creasing. I used to get those awful under eye creases as well as the crease of my eyelid because yes I apply concealer there too. Now I just apply to my eyelids and under eye, contour or eat breakfast while waiting, dust it off and move on with my day. I love this stuff. It is FAB. I even use it to set the rest of my face lightly with a fluffy powder brush because I don’t require too much mattifying to keep me going.

Overall, this powder is 100% worth a look the next time you run out. I wish you all the best luck with your week and don’t forget to tune back in for another Fab or Flop because we have lots coming your way. You may be wondering “don’t they have any flops?” Well just you wait….

Until next time I am signing off. xoxo.

FYI: All opinions are my own and products were bought with my own money!

Products Mentioned: 

NYC Powder:

Laura Mercier Powder:

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Fab Or Flop: Luxury Powder Dupe

Benefit Gimme Brow Dupe


It’s Emma again. Did you miss me? I missed you. So I bring you some interesting information; I went shopping. And I have the flu. That’s about all I’ve got so let’s move on to the goodies:

I have discovered the new love of my life: The Essence “Make Me Brow”. (As seen below)12833271_10208785781422121_1766007671_n

You may be thinking it sounds and looks familiar. Possibly like the Sephora $30 equivalent…ringing any bells? Let me throw this picture at you to maybe refresh some memories…10013532_10208785781502123_1004903421_n

I’m just going to tell you. I FOUND THE PERFECT DUPE FOR BENEFIT’S GIMME BROW. Which is important for me because I have gone through my tiny little tube and have yet to purchase another. Because you know it costs $30. So instead I spent $3.99

The packaging is extremely similar and the brushes are practically identical. Clearly both companies were going with the same goal or one was copied by the other. But do I care about that? No. I care about performance.

Now this is a very important discovery for me because I’ve recently gotten really into my eyebrows. They have been on fleek everyday since I started using my Anastasia Brow Wiz dupe (read more here) but they are naturally unruly and like to try to do their own thing. Which is where a brow gel comes in to set all the tiny little hairs in place. This product is a  holy grail. I have the second shade (the darker one) just like I had the second Benefit shade. You get more product in the Essence one than you do the Benefit one and I actually think the drugstore version has more colour pigment. I love these gels because they dry down quickly and they don’t move at all through the day so you don’t need to worry about rubbing your eyebrows off. I have used them on their own but I personally prefer to use them as a setting gel. They add colour and thickness to the hairs while still being more natural than a pencil or powder because it’s sticking to your hairs instead of staining the skin underneath them. Overall I give these both a 10/10 and will from now on be purchasing the drugstore version.

I hope you like seeing my little money-saving tips and tricks. 🙂

Until next time I am signing off,

Emma xoxo

FYI: both products were purchased with my own money and all opinions are my own!

Products Mentioned:

Essence Make Me Brow:
Benefit Gimme Brow:

Benefit Gimme Brow Dupe