My Oily Skin Care Routine!

There’s a new post up on the blog! This one is all about managing Oily Skin. I share my full routine including exfoliating, masks, etc.

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Fab Or Flop: Simple Micellar Water Makeup Removing Wipes

Hello you beautiful people!

I’m here to share a little bit of makeup greatness that I discovered about a week and a half ago. I was in the market for some new makeup removing wipes (don’t judge) and I decided to try a new kind to what I usually buy.

When i’m at home I use Emma’s Bioderma to take off my makeup so when I saw that Simple had come out with micellar water (similar to Bioderma) wipes I was instantly intrigued. I read the label to find out they were safe for sensitive skin and I put them straight into my basket.

Now that I’ve used them quite a few times now I have to say that I adore these. They are the best wipes I have ever used. I have tried pretty much every brand and even baby wipes and these ones outshot every single other thing I have tried. They are not too wet but not too dry either, which is important. They don’t sting your eyes, they take off makeup (even mascara) much better than any other wipe, and they don’t dry my skin out. I think most people don’t typically like wipes because they dry the crap out of your face and that can be rough on your skin, but people, these are a game changer. My face feels the same as when I put on my face for the day, and when I take it off it feels clean and so soft.


These are such a fab product in my books, I will continue to buy them until they stop making them, which I hope is never.

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FYI: I bought this product myself, and all opinions are my own. xo 

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